Governance and Corporate Social Responsibilities

  • At The Guard Global Centre of Excellence we strive to adhere to the guidance and standards set by the United Nations Global Compact: Sustainable Development Goals (UNGC: SDG)
  • We endeavour to join forces with our clients to develop our software so that in addition to developing profitable financial and non-financial products. Leveraging off DLT, we will also strive to help the organisation steer their operations to meet the SDGs from Economic, Societal and Environmental perspectives for their industry
  • We are certified to design and implement structured databases using XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language)
  • We work towards trust and mutual benefit for communities and the environments in which they live, as well as the overall economic impact of the provided products and services - all with solid underlying governance.
  • We provide off the shelf structured data taxonomies that allow our clients to report non-financial SDG indicators against time-based goals
  • During the design and development phases our client have the opportunity to identify key performance indicators (KPI) and be able to track these using the Hedera DLT platform
  • Our ambition is to allow organisations the ability to report financial and non-financial indicators in an integrated report in the form of a management dashboard