Hedera 20 Virtual Hackathon

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Hedera 20 Virtual Hackathon

The Guard Global Centre of Excellence … Powered by Hedera Hashgraph, is delighted to submit a design and development project to the Hedera 20 Hackathon. We have worked with the DragonGlass team to design and develop an Energy Sector Trading Support and Reporting system based on the Hedera Consensus Services along with the DragonGlass API and Subscription Services.

The design of the Dapps submitted for Hedera 20 are specifically targeted at a live renewable energy project in the heart of London: The London Southbank Energy Project which is backed by the UK Government though Innovate UK.

The project team is made up of 4 collaborating groups:

  • Academic DLT Working Group
  • DLT Team … Powered by Hedera
  • London Southbank Energy Project Team
  • Energy Supply Chain Participants

For Social Good

Each one of the Energy Tokens we create from renewable sources carries a Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) Certificate. The Token has a premium value and incentivizes producers and consumers to migrate to clean energy.

or eventually auctioned on the Carbon Auction Platform we plan to develop on DragonGlass. Migrating to the Power Transition Energy Management Platform powered by Hedera Hashgraph will help communities and organization drastically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Realizing the Future of Energy:

The functionality, tools, performance as well as strategic direction of Hedera Hashgraph is ideally suited to develop Mission Critical Applications on an Enterprise Grade DLT Platform across the Energy Sector. The energy sector is rapidly going through a self-redefinition phase, which has been galvanized by the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown of people in their homes and the shutdown of many businesses across the world. Society has realized how dependent they are on reliable energy and digital communication. A high-performing, secure, trusted and decentralized energy and communication model is needed for the global economy to function sustainably under normal circumstances and then seamlessly continue when governments are forced to implement a ‘Plan-B’ during the outbreak of another global pandemic. Hedera Hashgraph has proven itself to be robust, efficient and stable throughout these difficult times.