Case Studies

Our Rapid dApp Design and Development Platform

  • We currently have available a fully scalable HCS APPNET/MIRRORNET: Providing the privacy and data protection of a private network with the trust of a public network. The platform is available to our clients to conceive, design and prototype dApps before deployment.
  • We already have an extensive library of reusable dApp scaffolds for shortcut development lifecycles.
  • Our Open Integration Bus is available to or clients who wish to integrate DLT functionality directly into their own hardware and software systems:
  • DLT adapters and plugins to interface with hardware and software systems
    • Message queuing middle-tier tools
    • Realtime feeds
    • IoT
      • MODBUS
      • Thread
      • JSON Webservices
      • Commodity Tokenisation Services (e.g. electricity, gas, water)
  • We will create HCS APPNET/MIRRORNET ‘Topics’ for your various operational use cases which can be seen functioning