Case Studies

UK Flex-market platform

Currently in its proof of concept stage, Power Transition with the Guard Global Centre of Excellence…powered by Hedera Hashgraph is developing the iMaaS Flex-Market Tool within the new Corby estate in Northamptonshire. By partnering with the key players within the local energy supply chain, the Corby estate will allow for the dynamic balancing of electricity across the regional grid infrastructure.

The iMaaS Flex-Market Tool enables the dynamic balancing of supply and demand from fluctuating renewable energy sources resulting in a more reliable service and considerable cost reductions including reduced infrastructure capacity requirements. Our Flex-Market Tool connects to multiple energy assets and devices and identifies flexibility opportunities that informs network operators of opportunities for grid balancing in real-time. Our platform gathers energy supply and demand data, geo-location information, pricing, weather data and impact data including carbon. Low carbon, low cost energy provides additional capacity when it's most needed creating new revenue models for stakeholders operating in the flex markets.