Case Studies

Power Transition Ltd, integrated Microgrid as a Service (iMaaS) Platform

A platform that communicates and interoperates with other platforms - offering both default and custom monitoring options

  • An established baseline platform
  • Creation of an underlying operational network on top of Hedera Hashgraph onto which internal and external Dapps can be connected
  • Internal design & development one-stop-shop service
  • 3rd Party Dapp development - use of open API
  • Emphasis on business use case enablement not Crypto investment

The current business model we have developed in our project applications enables behind the meter Peer-2-Peer energy trading. With the secure key encrypted information, we are managing energy within the community and can expand the horizons of the platform further along the energy supply chain into wholesale, flex and ancillary markets.

Our business model also can exploit the wider Peer-2-Grid opportunities. For the different stakeholders along the energy supply chain we will build new Dapps (Decentralised Applications) to serve their specific requirements. These new Dapps will simply plug into our iMaaS platform and be able to exchange data and transactions in real-time with other collaborators as they need it. The types of information exchanges will include:

  • Transactions: DLT based real-time meter-data to support current settlement reconciliations + future Ofgem Electricity Settlement Reforms
  • Trading: Support trading activities for stakeholders such as Aggregators in emerging markets e.g. Flex-Markets
  • EVS: Electric Vehicle Charge Networks and battery aggregation
  • Grid Balancing and Optimisation: Apply AI to reduce infrastructure costs