Crypto Beadles & Guard Global

Dec 8, 2018 by Jiro Olcott

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Crypto Beadles while I was at the H18 Global Hackathon in Dallas. Monsieur Crypto Beadles has a very relaxed, spontaneous, yet thoroughly professional style about him that really brings out the best in people, which I found really fun!

Crytpo Beadles was quite correct when he said: “Power” lies in the hands of very few people. It’s an energy monopoly!

Please view interview here: Crypto Beadles & Guard Global

The result of this monopolistic approach is an inefficient, unreliable, expensive and very polluting infrastructure that make us, a society with an unquenchable thirst for electricity, extremely vulnerable!

The answer lies in developing an interconnected mesh-network of renewable energy microgrids. This approach is: cheap, safe and robust.

The technology is now here to make it happen! People and communities around the world can be empowered to manage and control their own energy.

Crypto Beadles & Guard Global